The Mason Pearson Brush: Holy Grail or Not Worth the Hype?

Mason Pearson

Today I want to talk about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart… well, make that my head.  My hair!  I always try and take good care of my hair by using good products, using masks and not washing it frequently.  Throughout the years I’ve heard great things from other bloggers about the Mason Pearson brush, with many of them calling the brush their Holy Grail.  It seemed that the hype was getting bigger and bigger throughout the years but I wasn’t convinced yet to spend $120+ (depending on size) on a hair brush.  Thankfully, the holidays came around and I received the brush as a gift.  Ever since then, my locks have been on a boar-bristle journey and if my strands could talk they would say “thank you!”

The Mason Pearson brushes have been around since 1885, and they are all handmade in England.  What makes the brush so special, besides being made by a human is the boar bristle/nylon combination.  The rubber cushion pad beneath the bristles of each brush allows for effective brushing which gently massages your scalp, increasing blood flow to the roots.  The brush will not cause split ends or irritation to the scalp and will spread sebum evenly over the hair strands for beautiful, healthy hair. It includes a hair brush cleaner to prolong the life of the brush, as well as maintain the quality of the materials.  Now I’ve been using this brush daily for a few months and I can’t really comment on the split ends claim, but I can definitely vouch for the brush spreading sebum evenly over the hair.  Since I’ve been using this brush, I’ve stopped using dry shampoo!  There’s no need anymore because my hair does not get greasy.  The brush also does wonders on freezy hair.  I run the brush over my wet and “freezy” hair and the freeziness dissapears by 90%, which is amazing!  So is the brush worth all the hype?  Yes!  Is it worth the pricetag?  Not sure, but if the company claims are true, the brush will last a lifetime so in that case, it’s not a bad deal.  I got the Mason Pearson Bristle/Nylon Junior in Ivory and it’s perfect for my medium length hair.  The brush comes in multiple colors, including pink, black and blue.

Do you own a Mason Pearson brush?  What do you like about it?


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